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  • Black Friday Self Defense Sale 15% off and Free Shipping

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    This is an announcement of our black Friday Sale, combined with Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

    From Friday November 23rd through Monday November 26th at midnight (MST) you will receive 15% site wide (excluding Taser brand products at 5% off) and free shipping on all orders! Most items even come with a lifetime guarantee.

    We have many gift choices for everyone on your holiday list and hundreds of stocking stuffer ideas at great prices.

    We have a large variety of stun gun brands and colors, as well as pepper sprays.

    For the outdoor and/or the sporty person in your life we carry a large selection of survival gear as well as safety lights for runners, joggers and bicyclists.

    For your home, office and travels you can find great prices on surveillance products, diversion safes, dummy camera and security cameras.

    We have so much more, including our newest knives. Feel free to browse through our products. You are sure to find something for everyone at amazing prices for quality products.

    Email me with any questions that you might have at [email protected] or call us at


  • Ten Tips for Feeling Safer when Home Alone

    Have you ever been home alone and felt nervous to take a shower or a long bath, or to fall asleep because you feel vulnerable?

    I know I have on many occasions. When I was first divorced and my children had grown and moved away, I was left with myself and my dog. Initially it was exciting to have my own place that I could decorate anyway I wanted. I cleaned, arranged furniture, strategically placed art on the walls, enjoyed my yard and planted some flowers. I made a special dinner just for me in my new home.

    Then it got dark.

    Then it got very quiet.

    Everything in the area was new, including the noises outside. I heard every bump, creak and breeze through a tree or window. I felt like I had to live with the television or radio on so that I wouldn't heard the noises and also so that someone knew I was home and awake...all the time. It didn't help that the odd noises had my dog aggitated. He barked, snarled and grumbled about everything he heard, which could be up to a mile away.

    Sleep eluded me for days into weeks. I decided that I finally had to take a shower. I checked every door and window, probably five times, to make sure that they were locked. What if someone came in? I would be defenseless in the shower! I remember that terror vividly as I write this.

    When I had enough of living in so much fear the I couldn't even enjoy my new space I decided that I had to find a way to do something about it. One thing that I knew that I did not want to do was rush into a new relationship, whether it be an intimate relationship or a roommate. There had to be a way that I could do this myself. I was so proud of my new place. I got angry at the fear and decided to take my life back and enjoy my home and my down time.

    Here are 10 ideas that I either learned or started doing in order to finally sleep and to not have to travel to a friend's house to take a shower.

    1. I found out that there are simple alarms that are very easy to install. I found a small system that helped me monitor my doors and windows that could either call my cell phone if it went off, or call any of four other numbers that I set in a designated order on the system. It helped me to feel that if I was in the shower or sleeping, or even out in the garden, and my alarm alerted me that someone came inside, I had a few seconds to use my next line of defense; my phone and additional defense that I kept nearby nearby.
    2. A friend of mine who was going through the same fears that I had, decided to get a barking dog alarm because she doesn't have a dog. I though it was pretty silly and probably sounded fake, but it sounded amazing real. She has two of them and set them on a table near her front and back door. It has pretty impressive features and has a great range.
    3. Lock your doors even when you are home. I use window locks from my local hardware store that allow my windows to be open only as far as I allow them so that I can have the freedom of my windows open but still locked. Home invasions occur at a staggering rate, even in gated communities. Home invaders most likely live near your home where they can study your habits. I live on 10 acres with neighbors  no closer than a mile away. I still had someone scoping out my home one night when I was trying to get home from work.  I had to call the local sheriff department for assistance so that I could get to my house. My point is that the idea of, "we live in the country so we never lock our doors," or "we have never had to lock our doors in our town" are thoughts that create victims. There is no harm in making sure that your home is secured. Invasions are also less likely to happen at homes with security systems.
    4. While I do have a firearm, it is not easily accessible to me at every moment. I do not wear it on my hip in my pajamas. Any type of child safety lock will also require more time to access the firearm. I do take it out at night since I rarely have children at my home. I did manage to find other deterrents that are useful in my home that an intruder would not appreciate one bit. I chose to place home model pepper gel at the doors of my home. I chose gel because it is more likely to stick to the intruder and less likely to fill the room like pepper spray would. It is of no use to get pepper spray residue on your eyes as well.
    5. Keeping the exterior of your home well-lit to deter criminals is a controversial topic. Cameras are more likely to deter criminals. It would be more beneficial, as far as lighting, to have motion sensor lighting around your home.
    6. I do not open my door to anyone that I do not know or that I am not expecting at that specific time. If I have a service technician coming over, I stay between them and the door, where I conveniently have my pepper gel stashed. I know that sounds extreme, but there are crimes that are committed by technicians in your home when no one else is there. I also do not answer the door for deliveries. I use a mailing service for several reasons. I can have all deliveries taken there and even signed for if I designate the staff to do that. I get USPS, FEDEX, and UPS all in one location. I prefer to keep strangers away from my door as much as I can to save on trying to determine if it's a good guy or bad guy one the other side. This also keeps packages from being stolen off of my porch. This also provides me with an address other than my physical house address. I have found that a driveway alert alarm is very beneficial. I have two of them, one viewing my front porch and the other viewing my backyard. If anyone approaches I am alerted inside.
    7. Keep vehicles locked at all times. Even at gas stations! Crimes seem to come in fads that we are not aware of. It has been very popular for criminals to steal paperwork out of glove compartments. Your registration has valuable information that thrives can use to obtain a lost title and sell your car. Some people keep their car title there which makes it even easier for the crook. Please don't do that!  The latest thing at gas stations is criminals watching people at pumps. As soon as someone starts pumping gas on one side of the car, the thief quietly steals a purse from the passenger door and leaves before you have any idea it happened.
    8. A few months ago I discovered the neatest stash containers to hide my cash jewelry or a pepper spray or anything I want. These containers are identical to their household companion. They are  also weighted to feel like a full product. My favorites are The Jif peanut butter diversion safe and the Aqua Net hairspray. I'm purely fascinated with all of the diversion safes. Who would have guessed!
    9. Do not broadcast when you are going on vacation. I see so many beautiful vacation pictures on social media all year. People at work will obviously know that you are taking vacation, but they do not know how long or when you will be gone until you get back. Have one trusted friend or neighbor pick up your mail while you are gone and alternate lights in your home while you are gone. Refrain from posting vacation pictures on social media until you get back home where you can post your album. Also avoid accepting "event invitations" on facebook where they are publicly posted and avoid "checking in" everywhere you go for dinner or hang out.
    10. Last, but surely not the least, be aware of your surrounding at all times. Notice if something seems out of place or out of the ordinary when you get home.

    Make your space as safe as possible for your comfort and enjoyment. Living in fear is exactly what we don't want. Do not be afraid to call for trusted help, even to just chat on the phone for a temporary distraction. If you are new to living alone, there are steps you can take to feel more safe and relaxed.

    Enjoy your life! It is an amazing thing.

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